The Master Key System – Week 6 Results

Master Key System Week 6 Results

I have completed part 6 of The Master Key System. This week’s exercise involved concentrating on a photograph of a person for 10 minutes and taking in all the minute details.

I used a picture from my mobile phone’s gallery to do this exercise. After 10 minutes of concentrating on the image, I closed my eyes and visualised the photograph in my mind.

This exercise is difficult, as the mind keeps on wandering as I’m looking at the picture. It is hard to concentrate on a picture for 10 minutes. I had to force my concentration back to the photograph each time it got distracted.

I used the same image for 7 days, from day to day the image started to become clearer in my mind. I started to notice minute details within image.

We can use the power of our subconscious mind to eliminate physical disease and mental conditions of depression, anxiety and worry.

When we are looking to improve our financial circumstance, we should work on the principle of “The greatest good to the greatest number.”

I have seen many people who have missed this key principle. They have resorted to cut corners and cheat people. Some of them have become wealthy but have lost respect in society and suffer from physical disease and mental instability. They are not happy; the material things have not brought them happiness as they have violated a key principle to acquire them.

Others have tried all their lives to acquire wealth but have made great losses, they have missed out on being happy in their current situation while seeking their ideal reality.

The Master Key System is helping me to understand the principles that will help me to create the reality I desire. It is helping me to increase my power of concentration and visualisation.

Thinking and planning is a necessary path towards bringing into reality the ideal that I desire. The power of the mind is truly amazing.

The human mind is the most powerful creation in the world. Most people don’t know how to unlock the power of this gift. The Master Key System teaches us to gradually access and use the power of our thoughts.

Our thoughts and emotions can program our subconscious mind. Once our ideal lifestyle is programmed into our subconscious, it starts to project it onto the universal mind and then into reality.

The I is the spiritual and has control of the conscious mind and thus the subconscious mind. The mind and body both respond to the commands from the spiritual I.

The power of thought is magnified by focusing it one item for a length of time. If the focus is distracted, the power is lost. It is likened to a ray of light focusing on a piece of paper through a magnifying glass. If the magnifying glass is moved around nothing much happen. If it is kept focused on one spot of the paper, it will start to burn.

Holding our thoughts focused on one thing is hard but this is the only way to access this power.