The Master Key System – Week 2 Results

Master Key System Week 2 ResultsI have just completed week 2 of The Master Key System. The lesson in week 2 involved noticing my thoughts and only letting in constructive thoughts and moving my attention away from destructive ones.

I relaxed my body and started watching my thoughts. There were too many thoughts to concentrate on, when I noticed a negative thought, I moved my focus away from it until I found a positive thought.

This process is really difficult as multiple thoughts kept on trying to get my focus. I started to notice a lot of negative thoughts trying to grab my attention, there were more negative thoughts than positive ones.

I started to watch my thoughts throughout the day. When I noticed myself entertaining negative thoughts, I started to focus on something positive to move my focus away from the negative.

The lesson in week 2 explained that there were two minds at work, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is able to question a thought, but the subconscious mind accepts everything without any judgement.

Any command or statement that enters the subconscious mind is expected as the truth. The subconscious mind works on bringing what is stated into your reality. The only way to guard against this is by using the conscious mind to block negative thoughts or focus on thoughts that will counteract against the negative thoughts already fed into your subconscious mind.

Every thought has to go past your conscious mind to enter into yours subconscious mind. Sometimes the conscious mind is distracted and negative thoughts manage to enter the subconscious mind. Our goal is to stay focused on the reality we want to create and feed the subconscious mind with images to this so that it can work on making it our reality.

We can do this by repeating affirmations and using visualization techniques. The more focused our thoughts are and the more consistent they are, the more chance they will have of making an impression on our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind connects us to the universal mind, the creative power that is responsible for everything around us. The conscious mind makes an impression on the subconscious mind, the subconscious then links to the universal mind and creates the reality envisioned by the thoughts.

This stuff is ancient knowledge, but we are losing our ability to think properly. We are bombarded with distractions on a daily basis, there is not much time to focus on our thoughts. We are losing our ability to think and transform our reality.

The power of our thoughts is truly amazing, we are now losing this power. The Master Key System gives us a plan of how we can regain this power and transform our lives.

I will now start on part 3 of The Master Key System. Continue to follow my progress as I move through this course in mind mastery. We will all have different results based on our faith and how serious we are with this course. Some people will only try it out with a minimum amount of faith and give up before reaching a couple of weeks. Some will give it their all and complete the course in full. It all depends on what you want to achieve from The Master Key System.