The New Maharajas Of India

The Maharajas of India blended in with the crowd after the British left India in 1947. After 70 years, a new breed of Maharajas have emerged.

Modern entrepreneurship has enabled people from all walks of live to become super wealthy from millionaires to billionaires. Some earning in excess of a million dollars a month, and focused on higher goals.

In this era, the untouchables (dalits) have the opportunity to become super wealthy. This was something that did not and could not happen in Indian society before the end of the British Raj.

India has over 100 billionaires and thousands of millionaires. There is still poverty in India, but there is also a ladder of success that is open to hard working entrepreneurs.

Global internet and mobile phone based technology and software has opened up huge possibilities and opportunities for entrepreneurs worldwide. Indians are taking advantage of the global growth in this sector.

Traditional business used to require a lot of capital and contacts. In the modern era, if you have a great idea and are willing to take action, you can get the funding.