Mumbai – India

Mumbai, earlier known as Bombay is the business and financial capital of India. It is one of the most populous cities in the world with a population of more than 13 million, and constantly increasing because of large influx from the neighbouring states. It is a truly cosmopolitan, busy and fast city with every one busy in his daily life and not a moment to spare. People are hard working and often travel for 3-4 hours daily to their place of work.

Mumbai itself doesn’t have a very large area under it but its suburbs are so like Mumbai itself that you may be mistaken to misunderstand them as a part of greater Mumbai. Mumbai is elongated in shape and its width area is very less. Hence there is an excellent network of railways i.e. local rains which connect the entire Mumbai and its suburbs.

There is an important sea port and a deep natural harbour too. Mumbai is also the entertainment capital of India. It is often referred to as ‘Bollywood’ because of the multi million film industry that is based here which churn out films as if it was a factory churning out products at fixed intervals! Mumbai is the birth place of Indian cinema.

Since Mumbai is situated on the Arabian Sea; it has a beautiful sea beach called the Juhu Beach and the Chowpatty Beach. Mumbai’s National Park is a must visit place. You feel as if you are not in the middle of the city but somewhere deep inside the woods. Esselworld, the water park of Mumbai, is a great favourite of the kids. Hanging garden, Gateway of India known as gateway of India, Elephanta caves, Aquarium, Prince of Wales museum, Planetarium, Rock cut temples near Mumbai, all these make Mumbai an interesting place to visit. There are many other tourist places for short weekend’s gateways.

The street food of Mumbai is something no one should miss. In spite of all the conceptions and misconceptions that you may have regarding their hygiene and manner of preparation, they are something simply out of the world. In fact at the risk of brick bats, it can be said they are much better that the five star food! Such is the zing and the chutzpah in them. The special pav bhaji, which is bread along with fried mix vegetables, bada pao, again bread with sort of potato chops, and bhel muri prepared with puffed rice and various chutneys and ingredients, are something the whole world is fan of. Once you have tasted them, you are likely to ask for more in spite of the tears that the strong spices may bring to your eyes!

Among the five star hotels in Mumbai some of the common ones are the Taj Hotel, The Sun and Sand, The Oberoi, The Hyatt Regency and many more. If you are on a budget tour then you could opt for innumerable hotels which dot the skyline, like the Bawa continental Hotel, Hotel Diplomat, and Hotel Fition. Hotel Midland and innumerable other similar ones.