Faisalabad – Pakistan

Faisalabad is the third largest city of Pakistan and is located in the East-Central part of Punjab Province of Pakistan, to the West of Lahore in the area called “Rechna Doab Upland“. It is bounded by Hafizabad district in the North, Sheikhupura district, in the East, and the Ravi River in the South, and the Jhang district in the West. Faisalabad is situated 360 kms south of Islamabad.

Formerly this city was known as Lyallpur till 1979, on Sir Charles James Lyall, the erstwhile British Lieutenant Governor of Punjab, who founded this city in 1890. The name Faisalabad was given in honour of king Faisal of Saudi Arabia. Faisalabad is also known as the Manchester of Pakistan. This is because it is famed for its textile mills.

The main market area of Faisalabad is called the Ghanta Ghar. This is actually the Clock Tower and was built in 1895. It has eight roads leading from it into eight market areas and has been designed on the Union Jack. Each of these markets sells different types of commodities. D Ground is the second most important market area of Faisalabad after Ghanta Ghar.

Faisalabad is affected by extreme climatic conditions. Temperatures range from 4 degrees centigrade in winter to 48 degrees in summer. It is basically very dry and rainfall is very scanty. The monsoons are from July to September. Sometimes during winter, there is rainfall in this district.

Faisalabad is connected by rail and road with Lahore and Multan and by air with Karachi and Lahore. Faisalabad has been fed with modern motorways from Lahore and Rawalpindi. The Faisalabad International Airport is situated approximately 10 kms from the centre of the city that is the Clock Tower. This airport caters to both domestic and international flights.

Important industries include textiles, food, synthetics and chemicals. The West Pakistan Agricultural University founded in 1909 is located at Faisalabad. The other important educational institution of fame is the Punjab Medical College. The Punjab Institute of Nuclear Medicine and the very famous National Textile University are located here too.

The places of interest in and around Faisalabad are the Clock Tower, the Victoria Memorial Chowk, Jinnah Garden, The Allama Iqbal stadium etc. Other Buildings of the colonial era are The General Post Office and the Old General Bus Stand. The Faisalabad Hockey Stadium, The Gumti Water Fountain, Sindbad, Rex City are places which will also interest a newcomer to the city.

The City offers accommodation to travellers with varied budgets. The Faisalabad Serena Hotel is a star hotel and is located at Club Road. The other hotels of repute are the East Inn Hotel at Sheikhupura Road. Budget hotels worth mentioning are Rays, Prime, National, Rex and Grace Hotel.



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