Karachi – Pakistan

Karachi is an ancient city of Pakistan. There is mention of Karachi in the available records of admirals of Alexander the great. It is located in the Indus delta and was a small fishing settlement in early times from where ship travellers could enter India. Gradually the settlements progressed and came to be known as Kolachee and gradually it became an important trading point.

Modern Karachi is a busy port city where more than 14 million people live and is the commercial hub of Pakistan. The port facilities in Karachi are top class and make Karachi an important port. It handles the shipping facilities of many land locked countries of central Asia. Karachi harbour has always been considered as a safe harbour and is called the Gateway of Asia.

Karachi is a modern westernized city and although there aren’t too many tourist spots, it has a fast paced lifestyle. It is the largest city in Pakistan and the swankiest too. Nowhere else in Pakistan you see such night life, shopping experience and fine dining experience. There may not be many historic places to visit but the sunny beaches, yachting, deep sea fishing, horse racing and golf give you ample scope for entertainment.

Karachi was the capital of Pakistan till 1963 and all major banks have their headquarters here. It even has a stock exchange called the Karachi Stock Exchange.

In the hustle and bustle of the city the Jinnah’s mausoleum is a must visit place. It stands apart in a serene isolated and peaceful place. If you go at dusk you experience a unique feeling. A little away from Karachi is the Chaukundi Tombs. There are graves dating back to 16th and 17th century and they have strange motifs carved on them. The slabs of rocks are stacked like a pyramid and exquisite designs are carved on them. Quaid-e-Azam`s Mausoleum is an impressive landmark and is situated on the graves of other prominent leaders of Pakistan.

Haleji Lake, about 100 kms away from Karachi is the largest Asian water fall sanctuary. Thousands of Siberian birds, of more than seventy species, migrate here and stay till January/ February. There are birds like partridge’s ducks, herons, pheasant-tailed jacanas, pelicans and flamingos

Since Karachi is on the sea it has some beautiful beaches. Some of the truly beautiful and the famous ones are Tourtol, Gaddani. French Beach Sumyani Mount cave, Sandspeed, and Hawks bay. The beaches are beautiful and you can enjoy swimming here or spend the night at a beach resort.

While in Karachi you may buy beautiful carved brass and silver ware, exquisite silver and gold jewellery. The exceptional mirror work, a specialty of Sindh and various articles made of lacquer and camel skin, and exclusive carved wooden articles make beautiful souvenirs.

The biggest zoo in Pakistan, the Karachi Zoo is situated in Karachi. It has a small garden attached to the zoo. Thus there are many interesting places in Karachi to visit.

To enjoy your stay in Karachi there are hotels and inns for all types of budgets. In the five start category you have Marriot Karachi, Sheraton hotel and Towers, Beach luxury Hotel, The Embassy Hotel and many more. Among the budget hotels are Hotel Karachi, Hotel Meherban, and Hotel Sea Resort and so on.



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