Lahore – Pakistan

Lahore is the capital of the Punjab Province of Pakistan. Before partition of India, Lahore was the capital of undivided Punjab. The Sheikhupura district borders Lahore on the North and the West. On the East it is bordered by India and toward the South, it is surrounded by the Kasur district. The river Ravi, a tributary of the Indus flows through it. Lahore is the second most populated city in Pakistan, after Karachi. Lahore is known as the City of the Gardens owing to the Mughal Gardens like the Shalimar Gardens and the British Lawrence Gardens that still adorn it.

Lahore is a very old and historic city. It is assumed that Lahore was named after Luv, the son of Lord Ram, who is said to have ruled this area. The neighbouring district of Kasur is said to have been named after Luv’s twin brother Kush. Lahore flourished the most under the Mughals. They built massive forts, palaces, mosques and magnificent gardens here. The great Mughal emperor Akbar made Lahore the capital of the Mughal Empire from 1585 to 1598. The impressive Lahore Fort was build at this time. Akbar’s grandson Shahjahan was born in Lahore. He extended the Lahore Fort and built the very famous and beautiful Shalimar gardens. His son Aurangzeb built the Badshahi Masjid and the Alamgiri Gate, both very prominent landmarks near the Lahore Fort.

After the downfall of the Mughal Empire, Lahore was invaded by Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the great Sikh Ruler and he made immense developments in the city, until the British took over in the Anglo Sikh war. The British desecrated many of the Mughal architecture but built many of their own, the famous amongst them being Heera Mandi. The GPO, YMCA, Government College, High Court, The National College Of Arts, ontgomery Hall, Tollinton Market, The University Of Punjab (Old Campus).

Punjabi is the most widely spoken language in Lahore. However, Urdu and English are rapidly gaining popularity amongst the younger generation.

For shopping, Lahore is dotted by both old and new. Swanky Shopping malls The old Bazaars include the Icchra Bazaar, and the Anarkali Bazaar. Hafeez Center is the largest market in Pakistan, dealing in computer and computer accessories, mobile phones, CDs etc. Embroidered, garments, glass bangles, leather articles, silk products are a good buy in the traditional bazaars of Lahore.

Liberty Market, Bahria, Lake City, Cantonment are the other shopping areas of Lahore. Tourists are normally greatly attracted to the famed Food Street in Lahore.

Lahore International Airport connects Pakistan to most of important destinations in the World to cities in Europe, North America, Middle East etc. Near Lahore is the Wagah border, an important road entry point to India. From Lahore, it is possible to travel by road to all the important cities of Pakistan like Islamabad, Karachi, and Quetta.

The prominent hotels of Lahore are The Avari Hotel, on the Mall, The Quick Continental Hotel Lahore, on Shadman Main Jail Road, Hotel Elites on M.M. Road Alam Road, Gulberg, The Residency Hotel Lahore in Gulberg, Lahore Country Club on Khurseed Begum Road, National Hotel on Abbot Road and the Regency Inn Hotels in Gulberg.



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