UK Asian – April 2017

UK Asian April 2017I’ve had this domain ( for ages, but didn’t get around to doing much with it. I have recently decided to host a blog on the domain, targeted towards UK Asians.

The targeted visitors for this blog will be people of South Asian ethnicity living in the United Kingdom (UK). This covers people of the following ethnicity: Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan and Nepali.

People of South Asian ethnicity are commonly referred to as Asian in the UK. I know what you’re thinking… we’ve all been called a “Paki”.

I’ve heard it so many times whilst growing up in the UK that I have developed a filter around it. You know what the white people call the corner shop!

Actually, the word Paki means “Pure” or “Clean”. It was used in the name of Pakistan, when it split from India. Pakistan means the “Land of the Pure.”

Just after the second world war, when immigrants started coming in from the Indian Sub-continent: India, Pakistan (East and West) and Sri Lanka… they white people in the UK referred to them as Pakis.

This has become a derogatory term used by white people who think that they are superior to people of South Asian ethnicity. It is just as offensive as calling a Black person a “Nigger”, an Oriental person a “Chink”.

Back in the 1970’s skin-heads used to go around attacking people of South Asian ethnicity and called this term “Paki Bashing”.

In order to counter these attacks, Asian gangs started to form in places with large concentration of Asians. These included areas like East London, Birmingham, Bradford, Southhall, Leeds, Luton…

Back in the 70’s and 80’s these were groups of young men that protected their communities. Now groups have formed into criminal gangs. They are involved in fraud, theft and drug dealing.

Some UK Asian entrepreneurs have escaped this gang culture and managed to build up fortunes in the business and property sector.

There are many Asians in the UK with net worth’s over a million pounds. Others have chosen to become doctors, engineers, lawyers…

The Asian community have contributed greatly towards the growth of the UK economy and infrastructure.

Some African countries decided to kick out all the Asians, as they had established business empires inside these countries. Once the Asians were forced out of these African countries, these countries went into recession.

Most of these Asians came to the UK with little money and managed to build up fortunes within a few years.

The entrepreneurial spirit is deeply rooted within the UK Asian community. Even with all the global turmoil in the economies of major countries, UK Asians have been able to find ways to take advantage of the opportunities available.

UK Asians have managed to rise to the top in all fields, be it business, sports, the professions or even organised crime. The only profession left is FOOTBALL.

You must have come across the joke… “Why aren’t Asians good at football?”

“Because the start building a shop once they get around the corner!”

Jokes aside many youngsters are showing interest in football and the parents are also supporting their interest.

It won’t be long before we start to see UK Asians in the Premier League.

One thing I would urge UK Asians to do is to get out of criminal activities, as this will lead to create ghettos like they have in the United States, which have trapped black communities and kept them out of the mainstream.

Just remember “You can make your life what you want it to be!”. Remember the struggle older generation have gone through to enable you to have this opportunity.

You are living in a civilised county that has numerous opportunities open to you. It is easier to become successful now that it was a few decades back.