Khulna – Bangladesh

Khulna BangladeshKhulna, which happens to be the third largest industrial city in Bangladesh, lies in Khulna district, on the banks of the Bhirob and Rupsha rivers. Since Khulna district happens to be a part of the largest delta of the world, this city continues to be a major source of attraction for people all over the world. The area is also well known for the southern portion of the delta which includes the largest known mangrove forest in the world, the Sunderbands.

Khulna spreads over an area of about six thousand square km, and has a population of almost about two million people, including people from various communities and religions. This place is well known for a number of industries including its jute mills, shrimp processing industries, and also its news printing industry.

Khulna continues to be a major center for education in the country, with a number of reputed educational institutions that attract students from all over the country. Some of its institutions, including Daulatpur Mahshin High School, Power Development Board High School, Government Azam Khan Commerce College, Soshi Bhusan Sishu Niketan, Khulna Government Girls College (Boyra College), Khulna University of Engineering and Technology, etc are particularly well known.

Khulna is one of the most sought after tourist destinations of the country, owing to its natural beauty and wildlife that is so rich in the Sunderbans area. People visit this city to enjoy watching the flora and fauna of these forests, and enjoying various wildlife related activities. The only source of transportation in this area is water transport that allows one to enjoy activities such as fishing. Here people can also enjoy watching the activities of honey collectors. However, a prior permission needs to be taken before visiting most of these areas, and there are a number of restrictions guiding the activities of the tourists within the wildlife area.

Khulna has a number of markets where people flock in together from all over the country and as well from all over the world. Some of the most well known markets include the Picture Palace Market (where one can find all kinds of goods), the Jalil Tower (particularly well known for the computer and computer parts that are available here), Khulna Shopping Complex (where various kinds of goods are available), etc.

In Khulna, many types of transport facilities are available. Owning to the fact that Khulna happens to be a very busy city, the roads have been well constructed. The city also enjoys water transport facilities, and its paddle streamer that connects it to Dhaka is particularly noteworthy. Khulna also offers air transport facilities, with the Jessore airport, that lies about 70 km away form the city. Rail transport system is another very popular means of transport.

There are many five star and budget hotels in Khulna. Two most popular ones are the Hotel Castel Salaam and Hotel Royal. It is a very convenient to stay here and visit the Sunderbans. Excellent quality of shrimp is available and the hotel has excellent catering facilities. Thus Khulna is a must visit place in Bangladesh which you must not miss.