UK Asian

The United Kingdom commonly abbreviated as UK, consists of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and smaller islands around Great Britain.

I will use the terms UK and Britain interchangeably on this blog.

In the UK, the term Asian refers to people of South Asian ethnicity, people with roots originating from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Most of these countries were part of the British Empire and jointly known as India. After gaining independence these became separate countries.

The root culture in these countries has a common origin. People from these countries are also referred to as “Desi”.

From the above explanation one can conclude that UK Asian is referrer to people of South Asian ethnicity residing in the United Kingdom.

There have been a small number of Asians in the United Kingdom since the start of the British colonisation of India.

Just after the second world war, there has been a large influx of Asian to the United Kingdom. The main flood of immigration started from the 1960’s until the 1980’s.

The United Kingdom has also taken in people of South Asian ethnicity from former African colonies like Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe…

I will also class these Asian immigrants from Africa as UK Asians.

Most UK Asians live in England. London has many people with Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan ethnicity.

There are also many Asians in the north of England, in cities like Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford, Leeds

The percentage of Asians is Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is much lower than that of England.

Asians in the UK have started to move away from traditional communities. A small number have also started to move up the job ladder into management positions.

The vast majority of UK Asians are self-employed and a few have managed to shine as entrepreneurs and built-up vast fortunes.

UK Asians have made their mark in business, education, healthcare and politics. There are many Asian doctors, lawyers, engineers, entrepreneurs, accountants, politicians…

The only field that has a disproportionate number of Asians is football!

As the UK Asian population matures over a few generation, there will be a move away from traditional careers. We will start to see more Asians becoming footballer, main stream singers, actors and entertainers.

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